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Enhance your branding with a digital character design

Why not take your brand identity to the next level by getting a tailored character design or a mascot that represents your brand? A well design character can reinforce your brand message.

A memorable character design or mascot catches consumers’ eyes in quick glance and is an easy way to increase sales. Rolling Panda Arts team of seasoned graphic designers gives you a striking and tailored character design or mascot for your company that needs to be seen.

How do we forger raw ideas into final characters?

With deep creativity and a sharp marketing awareness, Rolling Panda Arts can help you find the face of your brand. This is how we work…


Discovery Phase

Everything starts with something in common, an idea. To transform your idea into a tangible character, we perform discovery in our own way. You give us the brief from your brain and our character planner gets into the work interpreting the ideas into sketch concept for you.

And yes, we will be quite a few asking questions to you in between.

Sketch Phase

With all those questions you answered, we create few totally unique concept sketches. Your character or mascot comes to partial life in different ways from our artists’ perspectives. From there you choose one or mix and match from them. Something like “take the head from sketch A, hands from sketch C and body from sketch B,” or something like “let’s make eyes a bit larger with a wider smile.”

And yes, we still use pencil and paper.

Color Phase

This is where you see your pencil sketched character or mascot take a life. The rough sketch is vectorized taking it to the digital space. We put all the colors and try to match your brand and concept.

And yes, going out of the box way of choosing colors is quite a trend.

Gradient Phase

The last phase of the character design is definitely adding gradients. Gradients makes your character one with modern finesse. We give the character depth, shading, lighting source

And yes, that’s our part of the job to make your character even stickier.

Variants Phase

With the final gradients, we give you completed character with beautiful color variants.

And yes, we too will suggest some color ideas to go with the best version.

Delivery Phase

This is the last and easiest phase for us. We give you completed character or mascot with final color version.

And then, we give the final and unique version to you and we receive appreciation.

Check out these great character we made

Choose us for these reasons

  • FASTt

    Quick turn-around time without compromising quality


    Team to brainstorm ideas and concept research


    We ensure that every minute details are covered to the final product


    llustrations with variations, alternate colors and styles


    Illustrating value with each client


    Each character we design is totally different from another

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