Bee’s Life – A Honey Bee Adventures

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Bee’s Life – A Honey Bee Adventures


Ever been curious about the world of honey bees? Life of honey bees and their daily adventures? How do they make honey collecting nectar from flowers? Let’s take a closer look with this amazing game Bee’s Life – A Honey Bee Adventures.

This interactive game is basically a concept of bee farming, collecting honey, nectar collecting, guiding them to the hive, protecting hive from spiders and much more. It’s a game based on a honey bee’s life with 7 different gameplay levels.

(1) Bee Farming

(2) Nectar Hunt

(3) Defend Hive

(4) Repair Hive

(5) Buzzy Bee

(6) Bee Maze

(7) Fill Honey

Bee Adventures & Challenges

- Guide the bee to the nectar and back to hive, to make honey

- Don’t let you honey bees die

- Collect more honey and fill the jar as much as you can

- Enemy bees (black flies) are there to have the party. Just smash them before they get into the jar

- Repair the broken hive parts. A honeycomb puzzle

- Queen bee protects the hive from enemy spider attack. Kill & defeat them all

- Try to score more in bee maze without getting hit. A twist to the classic snake game

- Bee goes buzz through woods. Try to pass maximum logs as you can

- Go for nectar hunt in garden. Save the bee from being eaten by huge birds


  • Breezy controls over honey bee with intuitive touch
  • A glimpse to every day routine from a honey bee’s life
  • Soothing music & sound effects
  • Seven different levels
  • Garden graphics making it more real
  • Perfect for simulation game lovers
  • Train your reflexes & time management skills
  • Pleasingly addictive & time killer