Human Body Parts - Preschool Kids Learning

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Human Body Parts - Preschool Kids Learning


Human Body Parts - Preschool Kids Learning game is designed and developed especially for preschooler kids to learn about body parts with fun and interactive way. Body parts with pictures and information about each parts is a complete learning book for kids. Learn while you play is our prime factor with this game to design and develop. 

Levels & Games

Know your body parts – learn about different human body parts with detail information

Identify Body Parts – try to identify the body parts and skeletons from the options

Speak Up – learn how to pronounce different body parts

Puzzles - find out what part is missing in the image

Fill the Blank – learn how to spell different body parts and organs

Tap the Right Answer – test yourself to see if you can identify body parts and organs from the option given

Match the pair – learn and match each body parts and things related to each other



  • Learn to identify body parts, organs and skeleton parts
  • Know where they are located
  • Learn how to spell and pronounce different human body parts
  • Fun games and activities to play while you learn
  • Voice prompts to help even the youngest kid to learn
  • Easy to use navigation